A Special Partnership with Princess Cruises


The Princess Reunion

A Production by Singapore Cruise Society

by Singapore Cruise Society | 9 February 2019

SINGAPORE, (Feb 4, 2019) – For the first time, Singapore Cruise Society partnered with Princess Cruises to embark on a project to document the reunion of the two sister ships, Sapphire Princess and Diamond Princess. It was their first time meeting together in the Port of Singapore and a video was produced to commemorate this significant event.

"The two sisters arrived early morning on January 19, 2019 and we managed to capture their beautiful lights with the amazing Singaporean skyline behind as a backdrop. Everything was smooth, just as according to plan." Vensen Wong, Chief Coordinator of Singapore Cruise Society mentioned.

The 80-second video was released on the Eve of the Chinese Lunar New Year, in tandem with the principal idea of family reunion in midst of Chinese New Year Festivities.

"As the two sisters reunite, we wish everyone a Happy Chinese Lunar New Year and hopefully you are also reunited with your family and friends this festive season, just like how the two sister ships did. To a smooth sailing year ahead." Amos Ng, Creative Director of Singapore Cruise Society added.

More details about Singapore Cruise Society, including other projects, can be found at https://www.sgcruisesociety.com/

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